Hi, I'm Lohan Le Galloudec and I welcome you to my online store of limited edition prints!

The core of my approach lies in the intersection of technology and the natural world, where I explore the limitless possibilities of both realms to create surreal, whimsical, and colorful artworks. I use cutting-edge technology to bring my artistic visions to life, resulting in artworks that blur the line between reality and imagination.

In my artworks, color plays a vital role in conveying emotion and meaning. Whether through bold and vivid hues or subtle tonal shifts, I utilize color intentionally to create works that resonate deeply with the viewers and speak to their soul. In a world that can feel bleak and uncertain, my artistic philosophy is grounded in optimism and hope. I use my art as a vehicle for inspiring and uplifting those who encounter it, inviting them to join me on a journey of discovery and wonder.



I'm a multidisciplinary artist born in France in 1993. My artistic journey started as a music producer in the bass music & lo-fi hip-hop scenes more than 13 years ago. I'm now running two associative music labels (EYESOME and Lo-Fi Clouds) with long-time friends, working for other musicians & producers as a sound engineer. Based in Paris, I'm currently finishing a PhD in history and sociology on hip-hop culture in the United States at Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle University.